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Port your existing business numbers to us and enjoy the convenience of keeping the same phone number and being hands-off as we take care of everything for you!

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Easily Port Your Business Number to Hashtag Telecoms

Looking for an affordable, no-contract telecommunications provider in the UK? Look no further than Hashtag Telecoms. Our team of experts will make the process of porting your business number a breeze, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. Plus, our affordable tariffs include all essential call solutions as standard, making it easier for you to stay connected and productive.

Trust Hashtag Telecoms to provide you with top-notch service and the best value for your money. Contact us above to learn more about porting your business number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business phone number?
Business phone numbers (also referred to as a virtual business number) are different to residential numbers, because they are for inbound calls only. Advertise your business with a local or national prefix (such as 020 for London or 0330 for national) and divert these calls to any landline or mobile. Your callers will be charged the rate as per their own contract (normally free if using a mobile). Your business will be charged per minute for the inbound calls you receive, but only after your inclusive minutes have been used.
Is it free to call a business phone number?
Our virtual business phone numbers (01, 02, 03 and 080) are charged at a local rate. It is initially free to receive calls within your inclusive minutes package and are then charged at a very low cost outside of any inclusive minutes.
What is the benefit of a business phone number?
A business phone number allows you to advertise a local or national number that you can divert to a mobile or landline. This means you do not have to give out your personal phone numbers and gives your business a more professional appearance.
Why should I buy my number from Hashtag Telecoms?
We have one of the most advanced, user-friendly online portals in the industry. You can instantly divert incoming calls to a UK landline or mobile phone number and easily track your call performance with Call Statistics.
What sets Hashtag Telecoms apart from the competition?
Nearly all competitors will charge you a monthly fee for every feature in their online portal (regardless of if it costs them £0). We provide you all standard features for FREE! We also have unique additions to our portal, such as time travel and the ability to automate your number management.

Feature Rich

Comprehensive Business Phone Number Management Solutions

We offer a variety of advanced business call solutions at no extra cost, and we are always working to improve and stay current with the latest technology. Our goal is to provide our customers with everything they need to effectively manage their business phone numbers.


In Hours Routing

Directs UK calls to specific destinations based on business hours. Improves efficiency and customer service.


Out of Hours Routing

Directs UK calls to voicemail or after-hours answering service outside of normal business hours.


Welcome Message

Plays a personalised greeting for callers & directs them to the appropriate department or extension. Enhances professional image

* FREE on Entrepreneur, Pro & Executive

Call Whisper

Identify the difference between a business or personal call. An announcement message will state `Business Call` when you answer.

* FREE on Pro & Executive

Number Presentation

Identify an incoming business call by displaying your business telephone number as the incoming call.

* FREE on Pro & Executive

Voicemail to Email

Divert calls to voicemail when you are busy or cannot answer and receive them as audio attachments via email.

* FREE on Entrepreneur, Pro & Executive
99p / month

Missed Call Alerts

Receive an email alert for every business call you are unable to answer and call your customers back when it’s more convenient.

£1.99 / month

Date Exceptions

Create different call routing configurations in advance for particular dates. Save time rushing to set-up holiday hours last minute!

£1.99 / month

Caller Exceptions

Create different call routing configurations for specific customers or simply block numbers. For example, route VIPs to a different number.

£2.99 / month

Call Recording

Record your calls for quality and training purposes. Retrieve your recordings via email or store them online.

£2.99 / month

Mid-call Transfer

Transfer a live call to another number with ease with our mid-call transfer feature. You can even stay on the call too.

£4.99 / month

Call Queuing

Perfect if you receive multiple business calls. Put your callers in a queue with music and/or announcements.

£4.99 / month

Call Analytics

Improve customer service and increase sales by providing insights on call performance and customer interactions.

£4.99 / month

Version History

Easily switch between your call routing configurations. Version history is available to restore to a previous version if required.

£4.99 / month

Automations (coming soon)

Automations is a feature that lets businesses control their business numbers and call solutions automatically, saving time and effort.

As a small business owner, I can highly recommend Hashtag Telecoms Ltd. Their virtual business numbers provide the perfect solution for my business and their mobile sim only packages are incredibly cost-effective. Furthermore, their customer service team is extremely friendly and helpful, making the set-up process smooth and easy. Highly recommended!

Owner at The Bakewell Co.

Hashtag Telecoms Ltd have been a great help in ensuring our business can keep up to date with the latest communications technology. The business broadband package is perfect for our needs as it includes all the standard features for free and the 30 day rolling contract makes it extremely flexible. 10/10 would recommend to other businesses!

Operations Manager at The Stationery Hub